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Podcasting for crochet and knit?

I know when I first learned there were Podcasts for this genre I was scratching my head asking, “What in the world are they talking about on a knitting and crochet Podcast?!?”

I have now learned that these Podcasts are amazing and greatly undervalued in the world of fiber arts!

Today I am sharing what Podcasts I am listening to and enjoying these days. To be sure, these Podcasts are easily accessible on the iTunes Podcast app. Just download, subscribe and start listening!


First I want to share the BHOOKED Podcast hosted by Brittany. While I’ve never interacted with Brittany personally, she speaks as though you’ve known her for years! Her voice is easy to listen to as well. I struggle with Podcasts where the host is harsh sounding.

Brittany recently hosted a Podcast where she did her first interview. This was a lot of fun to hear! I’m looking forward to the folks she will be interviewing in the future. The episode I am referring to was a great Q and A with Ashleigh from the

The episode I am referring to was a great Q and A with Ashleigh from the Sewrella blog.

I felt like Brittany asked really great questions and I enjoyed getting to know a little more about Ashleigh’s creative processes. Brittany expounded on her crochet design inspirations too which was neat to learn about.

Overall, I have enjoyed listening to Brittany’s shows and look forward to the content she will put out in the future!

You can find Brittney’s podcast by searching “BHOOKED” on the iTunes Podcast app!

There is also a video version on YouTube you can check out as well!


Overall, I think you will enjoy podcasts meant for crochet and knitters. Here are a few others I would encourage you to check out too!

Craftish by Vicki Howell


YarnThing by Marly Bird

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